Get 5 New House Cleaning Clients in 10 Days for Zero Dollars by Katie Pearse

Get 5 New House Cleaning Clients in 10 Days for Zero Dollars

In this guide, I teach you exactly how to get 5 new high-paying clients in 10 days (or less!) using my best online marketing strategies.

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In this course, I teach you exactly how to get 5 new high-paying clients in 10 days (or less!) My average cleaning was invoiced $175 bi-weekly, so each client spent about $4,500 per year on my company’s cleaning services. Get just 5 new clients who stay with you for a year and you have now added $22,750 per year in revenue simply by following the advice I have laid out in this guide. And best of all? These strategies are all online marketing tactics that cost nothing.

You can do your own math, as each market is slightly different. However, I am certain that if you put into practice what I teach (through my courses and consulting sessions) you can easily charge what I did ($55 - $75/hour per cleaner) AND reduce your advertising costs significantly (I haven't spent anything on marketing my courses and services, for example. Not one dollar!)

Keep in mind, to charge a premium price, you absolutely, without a doubt have to have a professional, upscale brand. And then you have to deliver five-star, anticipatory and personalized service that absolutely wows your clients at every single touch point. I teach all of this and more, so take a look at all my products and courses to fast-track your business to success or transform the one you already have.

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Meet your new cleaning business coach!
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Meet Katie Pearse
My million-dollar business model
10 Day Plan
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Day 1: Branding Basics
Day 2: Welcome Gifts
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Day 3: Facebook Marketing
Day 4: Facebook Giveaway
Day 5: Holiday Promotions
Day 6: Referral Bonuses
Day 7: Email Marketing
Day 8: Twitter & Instagram
Day 9: Blogging
Day 10: Email Marketing
Next Steps + More Training
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How to Turn Social Media Followers into Paying Customers
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